Who does not want to travel around the Earth? Everyone likes to travel and visiting cities. However, the most of the people do not know the exact way the planning of their holiday or business trip.

Our company helps the people who visit Budapest to reach the city in save conditions, with safety airport transfer. How we do our job?

We manager our bookings online and keep contact with passengers during their make a purchase on the website. Moreover, we are still reachable while they get in our airport transfer’s car.

transfers from budapest

During the online purchase, passengers have to set their details, such as name, phone number and email address. It is very important to reach each other if something happens before the travel bot party can let the other know.

Furthermore,  you need to give us your travel details, for example, flight number and arrival date to the Liszt Ferenc Airport.

One-way Budapest Airport Transfer vs. Return Transfer, which way is better, how you can save money?

Most of the people only visit Budapest just for a week or less, this is the reason why we tell to everyone to book return transfers at the same time when you book the one-way transfer from Budapest Airport to the center.

What is the average price of the airport transfers from Budapest Airport?

1-4 persons: 25 €, roundtrip 47 €, VIP transfer: 50€/way
5-6 persons 30€, roundtrip 57 €,  VIP transfer: 55€/way
7-8 persons: 34€, roundtrip 65 €
9-19 persons: 102€
20-50 persons: 170€

How long has been taken to Budapest from the Liszt Ferenc Airport?

Usually, it takes maximum 30 minutes if you travel to the center of Budapest. If you travel over the center, it could take 1 hour or more. The duration of the transfer depends on the final destination. Most of the travelers who visit Hungary, they spend the nights in the hotel, which is in the 5th or 6th district.

Our drivers have long-time experience of the travel in Budapest and around of the city. They know exactly which are the most comfortable and fast ways in different time periods. If your plane arrives at the airport around 17.00 o’clock, while you can reach your car it could take 15-25 minutes, because you need to pick up your luggage and leave the airport terminal.

This time period is really crowdy in Budapest, because of the big traffic. Most of the transfer companies in Budapest plan their routes threw Vecsés, which is the agglomeration of Budapest. Our transfers have free of charge service for speedways, such as M3 highway and we can plan the fastest way to reach the city.

The other very busy time period is in the morning. We offer to calculate with the longest way to reach Budapest because the highways to Budapest are also crowdy in the morning. Most of the people go to work between 7.00-9.00 o’clock.

Our car park only includes premium transfers, which means we mostly use Mercedes card to transfer our passengers from the airport to the city.

What else we do? What kind of programmes and services are available in our palette?